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  • David Chadwick

Wait Well

Let’s continue to look closely at the many aspects of vengeance.  Yet another aspect of vengeance is waiting. We are called to wait on God’s timing for His vindication. When we wait, we often wonder what God is up to. When the waiting becomes long, we may even doubt that He will indeed avenge us. And if we don’t guard our hearts and minds while waiting, our faith can grow weary and give way to doubt. So how do we wait well? We begin with forgiveness and mercy. We focus on how many times we’ve been forgiven. We remember the times we deserved God’s punishment, but instead received His mercy and grace. We also remember God’s great love for us. Jesus commanded us to love others “as I have loved you” (John 13:34). When we stop and fix our eyes on the cross – the greatest act of love in human history – we are able to love others in the same way God first loved us.  Then, while we wait, we go and love others as Jesus has loved us. What if God waits until heaven to serve His vengeance? We trust that He knows best. And we move on. He tells us He will avenge all evil one day. And while we may see it here on earth, we may not see it until eternity. God is the perfect Judge.  He does all justice in his way and timing. But remember - no one gets away with sin. No one.  Keep believing.  Don’t give up on praying persistently for justice (Luke 18:1-8).   Wait well. God knows best. He promised to do so.

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