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"Moment of Hope"

Moments of Hope Church exists to make disciples who "Know, Grow, and Go" in the name of Jesus. We believe that the Gospel of Jesus is the hope of the world, and we want to share this good news with everyone we can.

We want to give you a "moment of hope" so you can go out and give away a "moment of hope" to someone else.

- Pastor David Chadwick

MOHC was founded on a simple principle: a desire to share the hope we have in Jesus with everyone we can.

And we wanted to make it easy for you to share as well.  We encourage you to email, post, and share this page so that others may find a "moment of hope" today.




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Share it with friends, family -- anyone who needs a "moment of hope" today.


Encourage them to check out the following links to find inspiration and encouragement:

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