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The Mission

To glorify God by making disciples who know Jesus, grow in Jesus, and go for Jesus.

  • Know Jesus: To be born again (John 3:3), to be in a personal relationship with Jesus

  • Grow in Jesus: As a body of Christ, we will become lifelong disciples striving to follow, obey, and imitate Jesus (2 Peter 3:18)

  • Go for Jesus: Into the world (John 20:21) both locally and globally to: 1) the least (Matthew 25:31-46) and; 2) the lost (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8)

MOHC has made a commitment to give away 25% of it's annual giving to support worthy God-centered and effective outreach. The church as given away over $10 million dollars.

The Values

HAGIOS: the word in the Greek means “holy” (1 Peter 1:16). God calls his church to be a holy people, set apart from the world. Yet Hopesters will be the ones doing the ministry, in the world as salt and light (John 20:21; Matthew 5:13-16).

Humble: We realize everything we have is a gift from God.


Authentic: We are real people living in the Holy Spirit’s supernatural power.


Generous: We generously give because God has so generously given to us  through Jesus.


Innovative: We will explore creative means to reach people for Jesus.


Outreach: We live to reach the world for Jesus.


Simple: We will remain a simple organism so that Hopesters can do the ministry of MOHC.

The Vision:
 Be the Church...Just Go 

  • Prayer as foundational to all ministry success

  • Strong marriages & families doing life together

  • All Hopesters involved in ministry

  • The poor and underserved being our concern

  • Financial generosity expressed through the tithe, first fruits, and other offerings

  • The authority of God’s Word over our lives is undebatable

  • The gathering of God’s people for worship is expected

  • Holiness being our passion

  • Courage in culture as common

  • Sharing our faith being our first priority

Our Five Year Vision

Be the Church ... Just Go (Matthew 16:17-19)

1. We will partner with at-risk communities to stimulate upward mobility: 


South Blvd: Learning Help Centers of Charlotte; Faith, Hope and Love

Westside: West Blvd Ministry; Christ Resurrection Church / A Better World; Dream Center / King's Kitchen; Progressive Baptist Church; Providence Square Community

Northside: Camino Church / Camino Community Center


Eastside: Neighborhood Hope

Find out how you can get involved!

2. We will partner with different international ministries to try and engage a minimum of 1,000 Unreached Peoples Groups worldwide with a special interest in the 10/40 window:

Africa/Sudan/Burundi: ALARM / African Leadership And Reconciliation Ministries


Armenia: Triad

Lebanon: Resurrection Church Beirut


Nepal: Global Mission Nepal + Open Eyes + Triad


India: Mission India + Hope for India

China: Thornston Educational Fund

Latin and South America: Camino Church


Israel and Pakistan: The Seed Company


Haiti and Nicaragua: Bless Back Worldwide


Syria and Yemen: Samaritan’s Purse

West Africa (Burkina Faso & Sierra Leone): Edify


North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco & Tunisia):  Partner’s International

North Korea: Open Eyes


Kenya: Bringing Miracles


Ethiopia: Helping Hands of Joy


Iran, Turkey: Elam Ministries


Electronic Global Outreach: JesusOnline & the Jesus Film Project

3. We will seek innovative ways to use media, social media, and online resources to reach the world for Jesus.

4. We will partner with ministries that address gospel social implications such as, but not limited to: 

  • abortion

  • foster care

  • human trafficking

  • prison ministries

  • teen evangelism

  • food and hunger

  • clean water

  • clothing

  • overcoming addiction

5. We will train and equip Hopesters primarily through:

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