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A Life of Hope: Read Christian Biographies

by David Chadwick We all should seek to develop a life of faith, hope, and love. But how? This week, we are looking specifically at cultivating a life of hope. What stirs up hope? How do we remain hopeful? First, remember your own story. Remind yourself of your history with God. Times where he provided for you, taught you, led you, or healed you. Secondly, read biblical stories. Study the accounts of heroes in the Bible who were people of hope and let them encourage you. Today’s tip? Read biographies of Christians who lived by hope and saw hope secured. The list is inexhaustible. Saints through the ages who stood firm against all odds. From early church fathers to the Reformers to missionaries to modern day saints in today’s culture, there are stories everywhere of God’s hope being revealed. Take Jim Elliott, for example. He felt called to fly to the Auca tribe to share the Gospel of Jesus. He was murdered violently by those he tried to reach. Instead of becoming bitter, his wife went back to the very people who killed her husband and shared Jesus with them. This should invoke hope in your hearts! How about Amy Carmichael? An Irish missionary who went and rescued temple children in India and opened an orphanage to care for them. She dedicated her life to providing hope to children in distress. Listen to stories like these. Read biographies of saints through the ages who have lived by God’s principles and promises. Find movies that reflect victory through persistent hope. Watch how their lives of hope changed the world! If you’re in a time of waiting or suffering or even persecution, remember stories like these! They will help form a reality of hope in your life! Stories you’ll never forget.

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