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  • David Chadwick

Any Dead Fish Can Flow with the Stream

Any dead fish can flow with the stream.

Picture small ocean waves lapping onto the shore, or the slowly moving waters of a stream. Now remember a time when you've seen the lifeless bodies of dead fish, as well as other types of debris, simply going where the flow of the water takes them. They have no choice. No ability to fight for or determine their direction.

But in today’s society, that’s what a lot of people do instead of confronting the evilness and selfishness of culture. They go with the flow.

Unlike the dead fish, we do indeed have a choice. God gave us free will. We can choose to be salt and light as Jesus commanded (Matthew 5:13-16). But to do so demands conviction. Strength to swim against the stream.

To do nothing leads to spiritual death. Resulting in lifelessness. With no convictions. The same condition Paul uses to describe people who are “dead in sin” and “who follow the ways of the world” because they have yet to meet Jesus (Ephesians 2:1-2).

Be alive in Christ! Stand for him. Be strong and courageous for truth and righteousness.

And swim against the streams of godlessness.

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