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Davidisms: Choose Your Battles Wisely

Yet another wise teaching from my dad: Choose your battles wisely

It was the advice he gave me more than 40 years ago when I became a pastor. He knew this truth after his own decades in ministry.

Dad knew that people have only so much energy. Our bodies become tired. Weak. Exhausted. We aren’t robots!

But here’s the good news: We don’t have to fight every battle! Sometimes it is quite all right to give the battle to the Lord. King Jehoshaphat learned this lesson. His enemy was too large. So King Jehoshaphat prayed. He put the battle in God’s hands. And God fought the battle and won it for him (2 Chronicles 20:15).

Yes, sometimes we must fight. You must meet the issue head on and fight for your convictions. And what you believe is right.

Godly wisdom understands which battles to fight. Which ones to fight. Which ones to let go of. And which ones to give to God.

You won’t survive until you learn to choose your battles wisely.

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