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Davidisms: Don't Protect What God Is Trying to Direct

Don’t protect what God is trying to direct.

We all have something we finally possess after a long time of waiting. A special something from God.

But sometimes God asks us to let go of the exact thing we are holding on to. In our white knuckled, tightly gripped fists.

Why would God do that?

So that he can direct us to a new future. Hope. Something even better that he wants us to have.

Think about Abraham’s life. He asked God if Ishmael could be the son of promise. But God said no. Which led Abraham had to “cast out” Ishmael and not protect him (Genesis 21).

God then directed Abraham down a different path. One that required him to let go. Trust. Persevere in faith.

It was Isaac, born in Genesis 22, where God would direct his promises. And through Isaac’s lineage, the Savior of the world would be born.

But there was always only One through whom God would fulfill all of his promises - Jesus.

The greatest gift ever!

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