• David Chadwick

Davidisms: Mistakes and Failures - Learning How Not to Do Something

Did you know that practically all the great Biblical saints used mightily by God have one thing in common?

They made mistakes. Big mistakes. And oftentimes experienced extraordinary pain because of them. They failed.

Look at Abraham’s mistake with Hagar (Genesis 16). Jacob’s lies (Genesis 27). Gideon’s cowardice (Judges 6). King David’s adultery and cover-up (2 Samuel 11). Peter’s denials of Jesus (Matthew 26:69-75). James’ and John’s pride and selfish ambition (Mark 10:35-45).

Yet every single one of those mistakes - and the many others they made - were used remarkably and powerfully by God.

Do you see the underlying, hope-filled message here? The issue is not about making mistakes or experiencing failures. Instead, it’s about learning from them. Not repeating them. Turning a messy mistake into a miraculous message.

For when you learn how to not do something, you’ve made failure your friend.

Because mistakes and failures are learning experiences on how not to do something.

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