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Davidisms: Practice the 72-Hour Rule

I learned this tried-and-true practice from my wise wife, Marilynn. I’ve seen her do it over and over again throughout our 40-plus year marriage.

When a problem arises seemingly out of nowhere, Marilynn commits to one thing: Practice the 72-hour-rule. Or said another way: Wait three days.

Problems are a constant part of life no matter who you are. And the problem with problems is that we often don’t know what to do about them.

Over time, Marilynn discovered that more often than not - if we will wait three days and pray - God will solve the issue for us. Without us ever having to act or do anything.

We’ve witnessed it repeatedly throughout our marriage and ministry.

It’s a Biblical practice, you know. On several occasions Jesus said to his disciples that he would be killed. But, on the third day, he’d be raised from the dead (Hosea 6:1-2; Matthew 20:17-19).

Wait 72 hours. Three days. God can accomplish a lot in three days!

And see if God doesn’t address your seemingly imminent problem. In his sovereign way and time.

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