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Davidisms - The Fruit is Most Luscious Where the Giants Are the Biggest

In Numbers 13, God told Moses to appoint 12 spies, one from each tribe, to go into the Promised Land. He told them to explore the land and bring back luscious fruit to show others the grace gifts awaiting them there. Ten of them returned fearful. They claimed the giants and walled cities were too big for conquering - even though the spies also returned with the delicious fruit they had found there. The very fruit that confirmed the goodness and prosperity found in the land God promised them. But instead, the people chose fear over favor. They overlooked God’s promise, and fixed their eyes on the problem, not the possibilities. Here’s my point: When you’re facing a problem, and the giants seem huge, don’t become fearful! God knows the giants are there. He permitted their existence - to test and build your faith! And it’s by your faith that he’s promised you victory over the giants in your life. It’s why you must press on. Keep moving forward. God is with you! The giants have already been defeated. It’s in the victory over your giants that you’ll partake in the sweetest, most delicious and luscious fruit you’ve ever tasted. Always remember: The fruit is most luscious where the giants are the biggest.

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