• David Chadwick

Davidisms - The Hotter the Pot, the Looser the Goose

Two missionary friends of mine lived in an extremely hostile nation. They were under constant threat of persecution. Knowing that at any time, their lives could be taken. But instead of being consumed by fear, they rejoiced! Laughed at their difficulties (Rom. 5:3). Think about that. The ironic posture of their hearts. Explainable only by their deep roots in Jesus. The harder their trials, the more they laughed and rejoiced. Laughter and rejoicing become a key weapon to destroy the enemy when he brings vicious trials. He hates it when we do so. Try it today! Laugh your way through your day, amid all your trials. You know God is in control. And he is using these trials to grow your faith and dependence on Jesus. The hotter the pot, the looser the goose. It’s a truth those deeply rooted in Jesus have come to understand.

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