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Davidisms - Visit Mt. Carmel

Don’t you love going to the mountains this time of year? The majesty and colors of the leaves often leave us breathless.

When you see the beauty of the mountains, remember to also take time to visit the different mountains in the Bible - ones that hold special significance for our spiritual development.

For example, make sure you visit Mt. Carmel.

What happened there? Elijah, the mighty prophet of God, did battle with the 450 godless prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18). Some call it the Super Bowl of faith.

As the contest begins, Elijah confronts all the prophets and says, “If God is God, you should follow him. If Baal is god, then follow him." Then he prayed in fervent faith and God’s victory over Baal was overwhelming (James 5:17).

Here is the spiritual importance of visiting Mt. Carmel: Who is your God? The Lord God who created the universe? Or the counterfeit gods of this world: money, sex, and power?

God or Baal?

How would you answer?

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