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Davidisms: Your Life Is Either a "So What?" or a "So That!"

My wife Marilynn came up with this one. She repeats it regularly. And taught it to our kids.

Your life is either a “So what?” or a “So that!”

If you are living for yourself, for your own glory, living selfishly, you are living a “So what?” existence.

You’ll appear before God one day and he will shrug his celestial shoulders and ask you, “So what? What did you accomplish for me? Anything at all?”

God wants your life to be a “So that!”

God wants you to live your life on earth so that you can love your neighbor (Mark 12:31). So that you can care for widows and orphans (James 1:27). So that you can serve those in need (Matthew 25:31-46). So that you can share the gospel (Romans 1:16).

Which is your life before God? A “So what?” or a “So that!”

It’s a very important question for us all to answer.

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