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Hidden Heroes: The Boy with 5 Loaves and 2 Fish

by David Chadwick

My next hidden hero of the faith is the boy who brought the five loaves and two fish to Jesus when he fed the 5,000 people in John 6:1-15.

Who was this little boy mentioned in verse 9? Well, we don’t know exactly who he was, how old he was, or even his name. It appears he came to hear Jesus preach and it seems from the text that his mom packed him a small lunch. He was one of the thousands who came to listen to Jesus preach that day.

Jesus preached all day, healed the sick, and ministered to the people. Evening came and as you can imagine, everyone began to get hungry. The disciples took note of the problem and went to mention it to Jesus, suggesting that he send the crowds away. He basically looked at them and said, “You solve it.” 

The only food the disciples could find was this boy’s small lunch – 2 loaves and 5 fish. 

Can you imagine what the disciples' conversation must have looked like when they realized that was the only food anyone had? I wonder how they approached the boy, what they said to him, and how they proposed asking him for his food. 

Let me tell you why this little boy is one of my hidden heroes. He readily gave up his food to Jesus. He didn’t even think about his own hunger and needs. As a small child, he released all he had to his Lord with great faith, and, it seems to me, with great joy!

The food was multiplied and all the thousands were fed. With 12 baskets to spare! God provided enough for everyone there and abundantly more for any future needs the disciples might have. This is a story where we see Ephesians 3:20 play out in real life. “Immeasurably more.” Abundance! 

And think about this for a second. This story never would have happened without the joyful selflessness of a little boy. A boy with an obvious great faith and a servant’s heart! 

Kingdom attributes we all should aspire to develop.

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