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Hidden Signs of Jesus' Return: A Return to Baal Worship

Our Hidden Signs of Jesus’ Return series has been inspired by “End Times Made Easy" by Joseph Morris. He shares his perspective on the topics included in this series if you would like to explore further. Another hidden sign of Jesus’ return drawing nearer has to do with Baal worship. In the Talmud, an interpretation of Jewish law, the rabbis foretold that there would be a return to Baal worship before the Messiah comes back. Worship of Baal includes polytheism, temple prostitution, and the sacrificing of babies to encourage the gods to increase the land’s fertility. Guess what just happened? Russia rebuilt an archway in Palmyra, Syria where people once worshiped Baal. Is this merely a coincidence? Could it be a warning to all who are watching? God hates Baal worship. It is godless, sensual, idolatrous, and evil. It may be more prevalent than previously realized. We must all stop and pause for a moment so as not to be deceived. The severity of sin is real. In the first Advent, everyone expected the Messiah to come as a king. A powerful ruler. But Jesus came as a lamb. In the second Advent, Jesus comes back as a lion. However, many seem to be sleeping and could be deceived into thinking that Jesus will have a docile, quiet, gentle return to unite the world in peace. Wake up, church (Ephesians 5:14). We must grow up in maturity (Hebrews 5:14), walk in wisdom (Proverbs 28:26), and arise in strength and power (Isaiah 60:1). May this be our prayer for the church as the worship of Baal becomes increasingly commonplace. Wake up. Grow up. Wise up. Rise up. What a glorious time to be following Jesus!

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