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Hope for the New Year - God Restores Broken Places

We serve a God who is a professional fixer upper. Long before Chip and Joanna Gaines made that phrase famous with their hit television show “Fixer Upper,” God has been in the business of making old things new. In Jeremiah 30:3, God promised to restore the Israelites to the land after they had been removed from it for 70 years. He is the same God today that he was back then. Imagine God like a repairman for a moment. You take something broken to him. You leave it with him. You trust that he will get the job done. You do not call a repairman every five minutes to see if he has done his job. You leave it with him, trusting and knowing that he will do what he said he would do. In his time and his way. Our God, the Restorer, wants us to give him our broken pieces and ask him to heal us. He loves to restore broken people and broken stories. He takes joy in finding the most hopeless, distraught, impossible situations and breathing life into them. Isaiah 61 shows God’s plan to send Jesus into this world to heal and restore. The coming Messiah would bind broken hearts, declare freedom for captives, and release prisoners from bondage. He would bring gladness for mourning and praise instead of a faint spirit. Do you believe God is the Restorer of your broken places? If so, hand your broken pieces to him. Wait. Trust. And know that he is able and faithful to complete it. That is faith.

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