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Key Doctrines of the Faith: Bibliology

by David Chadwick

Over the next three weeks, I am going to take you on an in depth journey to explore many key doctrines of the Christian faith. We will look at 15 key tenets of what we uphold to be true as followers of Jesus. For those of you who have asked where I stand theologically on certain issues, you will see it clearly laid out here over the next few weeks.

In our Western civilization, where people are typically highly educated and equally deceived, I find it extremely important to become learned in these things. Think of each day as a key. Collect them and use them to open doors you may not have been able to open before. And use them to refute lies in the culture and heresies in theology.

Today’s key: Bibliology. This is just a fancy word to speak to the infallibility of the Word of God.

There is one major theme in God’s Word: Jesus came to live the life we cannot live, die the death we all deserved because of our sins, and rise from the dead to give us the gift of eternal life.

The Bible was written by 40 authors, on three different continents, in three different languages, over a period of 1200 plus years with one central message: how to go to heaven through Jesus. Coincidence? How could so many different pieces over many years seamlessly connect across authors and geographic locations to tell the greatest story ever told? I think not! I believe it happened because the Bible is “God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3:15-16).

The Holy Spirit wrote the Bible through apostles and prophets. Fallible men who heard from the Holy Spirit and wrote down God’s words to them. It’s miraculous. This same Holy Spirit then guided men to collect and put these 66 books together over time to form what we know is the Holy Bible.

It’s either true or it’s not. Followers of Jesus, professing Christianity for centuries, have believed it is the infallible Word of God. That’s why Christians have often been called “people of the book.”

This doctrine is critical to the foundation of our faith.

In these strange days, dear friends, choose to embrace the veracity of bibliology. The authority of the Bible is a key doctrine!

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