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Key Doctrines of the Faith: Ecclesiology

by David Chadwick

Every foundational doctrine of the Christian faith lays the groundwork for a strong and secure faith that should be able to stand against the resistance we will inevitably meet until Jesus returns. Take each of these keys and use them.

Today’s key: ecclesiology, the church. The ekklesia in Greek (ecclesia in Latin). The “called out” people of God. The Bride of Christ. The body of Christ. The family of God. The army of committed believers. Coming together regularly to worship Jesus and bring the kingdom of heaven to earth.

Jesus first mentions it in Matthew 16:18 when he talks about building his church, against whom the gates of hell will not prevail. This is the purpose of the church. To break down the gates of hell. To work on the offensive against Satan and his demons.

The book of Ephesians is Paul’s epistle that best talks about the church and its importance. Jesus loves his church. It’s HIS bride. In fact, you can’t say you love Jesus, but don’t love his church. He is the bridegroom and adores his bride, as flawed as she might be this side of eternity.

Every Christian needs to be connected to a local community of believers. If you are a member of the body of Christ, you must have a group of people with whom you can live on mission, serving and loving one another and the world around you. You’re not called to be a spectator who goes and checks off the box. You’re called to be involved, using your spiritual gifts to bless this world!

The church was never meant to be a place for celebrity pastors. It was never intended to be a platform on which people could build a name for themselves. Unfortunately, there has been so much compromise within the church world. Many foundational principles of the faith have been overlooked in the name of growing a ministry. It’s a travesty.

If only pastors would remember that Jesus says, “I will build MY church.” We certainly play a role, but his yoke is easy and burden is light (Matthew 11:30) and it is ultimately his job to build what was his in the first place! The pressure is off!

The church exists for the edification of people and the glorification of Jesus. Plain and simple. It should be a place where everyone, especially pastors, are pointing the world to Jesus. HIS glory. HIS power. HIS might. Until he returns.

And Jesus WILL return one day.

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