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Lessons From My Dad: Leave a Generational Legacy

I am wrapping up two weeks of looking at lessons my dad taught me about life. The final one is this: leave a generational legacy. Deuteronomy 5 says that the sins of the father are passed down to the third and fourth generation. This should cause all dads to pause, as we realize that we need to be the ones who stop things from being passed down to our kids. And grandkids. And great grandkids. But Deuteronomy 7 should give dads great hope! If we operate in Jesus’s enormous grace and forgiveness, we can pass that kind of grace on to the thousandth generation! Live every day in God’s grace, dads. And every day keep passing on God’s grace to your wife. Your kids. Your grandkids. So that the legacy you leave will be a Godly one for generations to come. You are passing down something to the thousands of people who could come through your lineage. What are you passing down? I pray it is a legacy of grace and wisdom! Live in the hope of the great biblical promise that our lives can impact generations! My dad passed this on to me. I passed it on to my three kids. And am now getting to see them pass it on to our nine grandchildren… and any more who may come. I pray it will go on for generations to come until Jesus returns. May you be able to say the same thing!

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