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My Personal God - My Chosen Portion

The eternal God of the universe wants to be your close, personal friend. He longs to be your deliverer. Your King. Your Glory. To become your personal God. Your Daddy in heaven desires to be your “chosen portion” (Psalm 16:5). Your royal inheritance. Your birthright. Your heritage. God adopted us into His eternal family. Chose us as His own. Blessed us through His grace and mercy. Stop and dwell on that for a moment! The Creator of all - the eternal God of the universe - pursued you. Wanted you. Chose you. Adopted you. Claimed you. What an overwhelming and staggering realization. You are God’s chosen portion. What more could you ever want? If you believe you are God’s chosen portion, is it possible to have low self-esteem? Feelings of worthlessness? No! Nothing greater exists than to be God’s chosen portion. Tell Him so. Pray to the Lord today, “Daddy, I am Yours, and You are mine! You chose me! You wanted me! I am saturated in Your perfect love.” You are God’s chosen portion. What more could you ever want?

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