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Ordinary Heroes: Don't Let the Devil Steal Your Dream

by Marilynn Chadwick Sometimes, our toughest battles are for our God-given dreams. I wonder if some wars are harder than others because the enemy knows the stakes are so high. Our daughter once said something to me which made me pause: “Mama, you didn’t know when you were going through all those years of infertility that you were also fighting for all these little people to be born,” pointing to her children–our grandchildren. I think back to those long years of infertility and my fierce fight to have a baby. I couldn’t have known it at the time, but I was waging a battle not just for our first born daughter, but also for our next baby, a son. Then, another son. And our soon to be ten grandchildren. Perhaps my fight was so fierce because the enemy wanted what I had—the promise of children and grandchildren who would glorify God. And ultimately, generations beyond those. But I had something else the enemy wanted. And so do you. He wanted to steal my testimony. He wanted to make it impossible for me to tell the miraculous story of God’s healing that enabled me to have those babies. He wanted to rob me of the chance to encourage others who are waiting for answers to their own prayers. Quite simply, the devil wants to steal the story God is weaving through your dream. Or through this trial you're enduring so bravely. He wants to steal your testimony. In the end, he wants to steal God's glory. The Bible says that we triumph over the enemy’s tactics through the blood of Jesus and the word of our testimony (Revelation 12:11). Dear friend, don’t give up. God is faithful. One day, you will have a story to tell. A story that will cause others yearn to know this wonderful God who is the Giver of Dreams.

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