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Proofs of the Resurrection: The Life Change of James

I am going over proofs of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. These proofs are evidence that Jesus is Lord. They should also help make you stand firm against the messaging that wants to convince this world that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is not real. There were many persecutors and critics of Jesus during his earthly ministry who experienced radical life change after they had seen him raised from the dead. These testimonies are most certainly proofs of the resurrection. Today, let’s look at James, Jesus’s half-brother. His life change was profound. James was a critic during Jesus’s ministry. In John 7:2-5, he begged Jesus to return home. Verse 5 reminds us that his own brothers did not believe in him. Yet, he saw a resurrected Jesus and his life was changed forever (1 Corinthians 15:3-8). James went on to become head of the Jerusalem church and is found in scripture proclaiming the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus (Acts 15:13-21). He demanded the gospel be available to the Gentiles. He knew everyone needed Jesus’s grace. He went on to write the book of James in the New Testament. How do you account for this life change? He would say that it was because he had seen a risen Jesus. His Lord and Savior. Ours, too. From skeptic to believer. From resistant to accepting. From questioning to proclaiming. James experienced a radical transformation after seeing the Resurrection. It marked him. Changed him forever. To the point where he ended up dying a martyr. May each one of us live in such a way that gives testimony to the Resurrection of Jesus in our lives. May the risen Jesus mark us like it did James. And may we share that message in a way that draws others to the heart of God. Jesus is alive!

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