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This January

We believe that to grow in Jesus, Scripture must be the key foundational component of spiritual development. As a church, we are committed to equipping, encouraging, and empowering one another to grow deeper in our understanding of what it means to follow Christ.


We also want to come alongside parents to help them raise spiritually strong children who know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

This January, Moments of Hope Church is embarking on a new initiative to help you engage with Scripture in a deeper, more meaningful way. 


The Action Bible

We will begin with the book of Genesis, and go through the entire Bible to see how it all points to Jesus.


Parents: We will be using the Action Bible so that parents and kids can engage in the weekly teachings together. Each week, this page will be updated with:


  • discussion questions

  • key takeaways

  • life applications

  • and memory verses

Action Bibles can be purchased at the service for just $10, or you can purchase them online. If cost is a concern, please let our staff know.

Links to purchase online (online pricing is substantially higher):

action bible.jpg
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