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10 Proofs of the Resurrection: Who Moved the Stone?

by David Chadwick

Who moved the stone? Our last proof of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is found in this question. In fact, it is essential to answer this question. 

Let me ask it again. Who moved the stone? 

It wasn’t the Romans. They wanted a dead body behind the one ton stone.

It wasn’t the Jews. They had the same motivation as the Romans. They wanted Jesus dead. His body in the tomb forever. 

It wasn’t Jesus’s disciples. The tomb was surrounded by Roman guards and there was no way they would have been able to bypass all of them and move the stone.

So, who moved it? 

Here is the truth of what happened to that stone. The power of God pushed the stone away! Maybe it was even an angel. The soldiers ended up in a trance. Dumbfounded. And Jesus walked right out in resurrection glory! Politely folding his head coverings on the way out. 

Frank Morrison, a noted lawyer and spiritual skeptic, put the Resurrection on trial. He set out to disprove the Resurrection of Jesus. He knew it was the heart of the Christian faith. Disprove it and Christianity is proven to be false. 

After all his examinations, Frank became a Christian. Devoted his entire life to Jesus. He went on to write a powerful book entitled, “Who Moved the Stone?” to prove his findings. It’s a worthy read even today. 

And always remember: God didn’t move the stone to let Jesus out, but to let us in. He wanted us to see the tomb empty! To have marked evidence of the Resurrection. To always enjoy and celebrate our risen King. The King of Kings. Lord of Lords. Ruler over all. 

In Jerusalem today, there are supposedly three different possible tombs for Jesus. We don’t really know which one was Jesus’s, if any of them were! But they all have one thing in common: they are empty!

That’s because Jesus is alive. Forever and ever alive!


Our "10 Proofs of the Resurrection" series was originally released in 2023. For additional resources on this subject, please visit our website.

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