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8 Great Ways to Honor Your Wife: Respect Her Opinion

We are taking two weeks to look at 8 great ways that husbands can honor their wives. When honor is in the foundation of a marriage, God is honored. Both people thrive. And the family gets healthier. In God’s original intent for marriage, a husband and wife become one flesh (Genesis 2:24). A reflection of his nature and character. A demonstration of the love Jesus has for the church - his bride. Because a husband and wife are one flesh, God often uses a wife to speak into his will for the husband. A wife’s insights are to be heard and cherished. The tool for today: respect her opinion. Wives need to be heard, honored, and respected. A wife’s voice should be valued and prized. She, too, is made in the image of God and carries perspectives of his heart. You, as a husband, are called in Ephesians 5:25-27 to love your wife. To give yourself up for her. To cleanse her by giving her a consistent depiction of Jesus. I once told my wife Marilynn, “I’d be willing to die for you.” She quickly responded, “That’s great! Just make sure you also are willing to live for me as well.” Great point! Husbands should listen to what their wives have to say and consider their suggestions. This will help her feel loved. There are many different ways to say, “I love you” to your wife with more than mere words. Sometimes it’s through loving touch. Other times by listening to her heart and dreams. It’s by building memories and having fun together. And, at times, it’s by respecting her opinion. Choose to seek out her opinion and respect it. Value it. Cherish it. Ask her for it. On matters great and small. If what she is suggesting aligns with what is the obvious right thing to do, do it. This is a great way to increase closeness, intimacy and oneness.

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