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8 Great Ways to Honor Your Wife: What is Honor?

Honor. Such a powerful word. To honor is defined as this: “to regard with great respect, to prize, to admire, to give special recognition, to demonstrate high respect or great esteem for someone.” In historical biblical culture, the word “honor” carried tremendous weight. Even today, there are cultures around the world that place a high value on honor. In God’s original intent, honor is a tool to bestow on one another, to bless, to prefer someone else over ourselves. Unfortunately, in the modern American Christian culture, people seem to gravitate to one of two extremes regarding honor. It’s either overused or missing in action, not used at all. Neither extreme is biblical. Biblical honor does not demand artificial respect to cover up someone’s deeper insecurities or evil agendas. Biblical honor does, however, create an atmosphere of respect, rooted in the word of God, where leadership is revered and everyone can flourish. From the call to honor parents in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:12) to Paul’s desire that all Christians honor one another (Romans 12:10) to husbands commanded by Peter to honor their wives (1 Peter 3:7), honor is interwoven throughout all of Scripture. For the next two weeks, we are going to look specifically at how husbands can and should honor their wives. If you are single, take notes and begin to train your mind and your heart, even now, with things that could bless a future marriage. If you are married, start to put these principles into practice in your daily lives. The goal is for two to become one (Genesis 2:24). And honor is a great tool God has put in the hands of husbands to help this take place.

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