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Always Be Ready: Share Your Story

We have taken this week to look at the importance of always being ready as followers of Jesus. The word “ready” is defined as “easily available or obtained; fully prepared; in a suitable state for an activity, action, or situation.” As representatives and ambassadors of the kingdom of heaven, we are to be fully prepared at any point to share the good news of Jesus with others. So far, I’ve talked to you about how to learn to hear God’s voice. Pray for open doors. Strengthen your discernment. Put the shoes of the gospel of peace on your feet. When the Spirit prompts you to go share the gospel, what is the one great way you can do so that can never be refuted? Share your story. Talk about how you came to know Jesus. How he has changed your life. What miracles you have experienced with him. The impact of your life upon others. People can try to argue different issues of the faith. But they cannot debate your story. Your experiences. What Jesus did for you personally. Much like the blind man in John 9, your testimony holds power. The religious leaders tried to get the blind man to explain what had happened to him. They wanted to know how and why the miracle happened. Where the man was who healed him. The blind man looked at them and said he did not know the answers to all of their questions. All he knew was that once he was blind, but now he could see. The same principles apply to you and me, too! You don’t have to have all of the answers. No one does. Simply share your story and what Jesus has done for you. How he has changed your life. As I told you earlier this week, remember that God’s in management. It is HIS job to draw people unto himself. But it’s your job to share.

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