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But God

The great enemy of our souls prowls around like a lion searching for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8 ).  It’s not a matter of if he will attack, butwhen.  But God gave us two powerful words to fight the enemy: “But God.”  God always has the final word. When the enemy and his destructive hordes speak anxious words to you, respond by saying, “But God.”  God is God; the enemy is not.  God is all-powerful and omniscient; the enemy is not.  God has won the victory; the enemy has not. Take a stand each day against Satan’s schemes.  Remind yourself – and him – of what you believe.  Copy this prayer on a notecard, or print it.  Place it somewhere you will see it each morning.  Repeat this prayer throughout your day: I don’t care what I see. I don’t walk by sight, but by faith.  I refuse to pay attention to the enemy’s lies.  I know that my Redeemer lives.  And I have faith to cling to the Lord’s promises no matter what.  Heaven is my home.  If I don’t get to experience God’s promises until then, so be it.  God has his reasons for waiting.  But God.  His delay doesn’t mean he is denying me.  I trust him.  Like a child, I believe.  And that’s that!

This kind of prayer drives the enemy and his hordes crazy.  It reminds him that he is a creature, not the Creator, and thus he is not sovereign.  It reminds him of his coming eternal doom, and how each passing day draws him closer to hell.  And you to heaven. Your prayer of faith will conquer the enemy’s wiles.  He will realize yet again that he may be the devil, but he is God’s devil.  But God is still in control.  And God is using the devil’s attacks – every single one of them – for his good purposes.  And our good. “But God!”  The shortest yet most powerful prayer of faith.  A simple way we say: “He who lives in me is greater than anything that lives in this world!” (1 John 4:4). Praise God, Jesus is Lord!

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