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Courage in Culture: Know the Truth

by David Chadwick We must have courage in our culture. How can we? Are there some biblical insights that can help us do so? Yes, there are! And we are going to look at them this week. Long before we are ever presented with a tough situation in which we must stand for Jesus, we must know what we believe and decide beforehand how we would navigate resistance and opposition. Before you are ever confronted with a temptation–like a potential affair, or an illegal shortcut to make more money, or even slandering someone behind their back—you need to know God’s opinion, his truth, about the situation. That adultery, stealing, and slander are all wrong in God’s sight as revealed in his Word. We must know the truth! It’s another important way to be courageous in culture. You cannot stand for the truth if you don’t know the truth. Look at the biblical example of Daniel in the first chapter of the book written by him. He had been thoroughly schooled in Hebrew culture and beliefs. They were deeply embedded in his heart. Therefore, when confronted with eating the king’s meat and wine, which had been offered to pagan idols, he had already decided not to do so and be defiled. He knew Jewish food laws. He knew God’s command to be kosher. To survive the godlessness of this culture, where truth is relative and even non-existent, you must know the truth of who Jesus is. Do you believe he is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6)? Do you understand that salvation comes through him and him alone? Do you know his voice? Do you follow him (John 10:27-28)? You must also understand God’s Word. Is it hidden deep in your heart? Is Scripture a second language for you? You must also believe what you have read. It must be deeply printed in your soul. To know, like Daniel, what defiles you in God’s sight. When you know Jesus and his truth, you can have courage in culture!

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