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Davidisms: A Faith that Costs Nothing Is Worth Nothing

Can you imagine having something or someone be the priority of your life, yet never doing anything to show it? It’s impossible.

King David knew this truth. When buying a piece of land where his son, Solomon, would eventually build the Temple, he refused the owner’s offer of accepting it free of charge. David insisted on paying for the property.

David could not imagine building the Temple, where daily sacrifices would be offered to God in thanksgiving for all he had given, and the cost being nothing. So, he paid a fair price for the land (2 Samuel 24:24).

Jesus paid it all for us. We owe everything to him. He gave his life so our sins could be forever forgiven, and our gift of eternal life secured.

David’s attitude toward purchasing the property for the Temple should be the same attitude that we have in choosing to follow Jesus.

What is yours?

Because a faith that costs nothing is worth nothing.

What price have you paid for choosing to follow Jesus?

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