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Davidisms - Admitting the Feeling Is the Beginning of Healing

Are you being honest with yourself? Or are you stuffing your emotions - especially the negative ones?

God never meant for us to live in denial. Especially when it comes to the denial of our pain.

Our Father has put inside each one of his children a healing process. To help us heal from worldly hurts.

And here is how it starts: Admitting the feeling is the beginning of healing.

We must face our pain. Confront it, even. Especially when sin has led us to make a mistake.

Scripture tells us that if we confess our sins to God, he is faithful and just. He forgives us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). Scripture also instructs us to confess our sins to one another (James 5:16).

That’s the crucial first step. To share our pain with God, and then receive his healing grace. We can also share our pain with a counselor. Or a trusted friend. A pastor or priest. And allow them to be instruments of God’s healing grace.

Just make sure you voice it. Admit it. To God. And to someone else.

And let your healing begin!

For admitting the feeling is the beginning of healing.

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