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Davidisms - Avoid the Snare to Compare

What’s the most frequent negative emotion experienced by those scrolling through social media?

Jealousy. Every study says so. How do we steer clear of this problem? I know of only one solution: Avoid the snare to compare. When you compare your life to others’ lives, you’re comparing the totality of your life to someone else’s highlight reel. You’re also comparing your insides to their outsides. People only post their successes. But you don’t know what’s happening in their hearts. They’d never share that on social media. And when you continue to compare yourself with others, only two things can happen, neither of which are good. Indeed, they are both deadly. One, you’ll become jealous because the other person has more than you do. Or two, you’ll become prideful because you have more than the other person. There’s only one way to experience true contentment: in God. It’s through him, and only him, that you’ll find full contentment with your life (1 Timothy 6:6). In him alone can you celebrate the special, unique you he has created. Recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of your life! There is no one in the world like you! Claim that reality today. And always avoid the snare to compare.

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