• David Chadwick

Davidisms - Couples That Pray Together Stay Together

It’s not just a cute maxim, but a studied, verifiably true fact: Couples that pray together stay together. Recent studies by liberal institutions found that when couples pray together, study God’s Word together, worship together, and serve together, the divorce rate is one out of over 1,000! That’s an incredible statistic considering the average divorce rate is 50%. Meaning on average, one in two marriages end in divorce. Why do couples that have an in depth spiritual life together seldom see divorce as opposed to generally married couples? It’s quite simple. When Jesus enjoins two people, they are made one in the Holy Spirit. And when people are spiritually bound together, there is no flesh and blood person who can tear them apart (Matthew 19:6). This is especially true with prayer. When two pray together, Jesus is present (Matthew 19:18). He becomes the glue that holds them together. Pray with your spouse. Husbands, initiate it. Don’t make divorce an option. That’s because couples that pray together, stay together!

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