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Davidisms - Don't Be Vaccinated with Just Enough Dead Christian Germs that You Are Immune to the Tru

What are the outward signs of your inner faith? Think about it. Prayer? Service? Obedience? Generous financial giving? Daily Bible reading? Church attendance? How many of those did you say “yes” to? Scripture tells us that when we become a believer, our lives are to become “hidden in Christ” (Col. 3:3). Meaning our hearts are now set on things above. All these other outward disciplines are Jesus’s love in us being lived out every day. Is your faith walk just going through the motions? For example, is weekly church attendance your one root in Jesus? If so, you likely have only a dab of faith. In fact, I’d wonder if you’ve ever truly received Jesus into your heart. Too many have just casually received Jesus. A passport to heaven. Nothing more. If that’s the case, the true power of the gospel remains unused. The transformation of our hearts and minds may not have actually happened. Be careful with your walk with Jesus. He demands everything from you. Said another way: Don’t be vaccinated with enough dead Christian germs that you are immune to the true gospel.

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