• David Chadwick

Davidisms - Find a Hurt and Heal It

Are you looking for a new way to start your day? One which will glorify God and allow him to use you each and every day in a powerful way? When you rise in the morning, pray this prayer: “Lord, thank you for this day. Use me as your servant. Show me someone who is hurting. Give me eyes to find a need.” Jesus modeled servanthood for us. He came to earth to serve, not be served (Mark 10:45). As his followers, we should do the same. Throughout each day, our eyes and ears should be open. Like radars seeking to detect a target. Our targets are those in need. People with hurts. Wounds. Or physical or spiritual needs that must be met for survival. Become the hands and feet of Jesus to your world. Be his servant - no matter where you may be! This is so simple, yet profound, to do. It can be done anywhere. Anytime. Any day. When you are being used by Jesus like this, day after day, there is purpose in your life! And, over time, you will see Jesus’s larger purpose for your life beginning to unfold. Begin with today. Now. Find a hurt and heal it. Find a need and fill it.

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