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Davidisms: First, Smooth Your Socks

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden won more NCAA basketball trophies than anyone in history: 10. His coaching acumen has informed thousands of coaches and players through the years.

There’s one thing Coach Wooden would do at the beginning of every season before the first practice ever began. He’d lecture and show his players how to smooth out their socks before they put on their shoes. Rub out all the uneven places. Smooth them on the bottom and sides.

Why? Because the one thing that can so easily put a player on the sidelines is blisters on his feet. They can happen quickly, suddenly and painfully. And the player can be out for weeks with this malady.

Learning and practicing little things in life can often be what determines success or not. That must be why God said not to despise the day of small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10). Meaning, before you move on to the big challenges in life, make sure you are properly taking care of the small things.

God wants us to pay careful attention to every detail in our lives, especially what can cause blisters: sin. If not paid close attention to, a small sin can become a big, destructive sin. One that can sideline you for a long time. And success will become elusive.

First, smooth your socks.

Small beginnings are key to big success.

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