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Davidisms: Fizz in the Physical

Shortly after I met Marilynn, one of my seminary professors said to me, “Don’t forget that there needs to be some fizz in the physical.”

At first I thought it was an odd thing to say. But then I realized what he was trying to teach me: God created physical attraction. To feel attracted to your beloved was God’s intention. Physical attraction is a gift from God.

Consider the Song of Solomon and how the couple falls in love (Song of Solomon 1:1-2:7). The fizz in the physical of this couple’s love was intense. Beautiful. Poetic.

The Greek word for love used in this Scripture is “eros.” It’s the root from which we get the word “erotic.” Again, God created it. But to be used as he intended.

I often think back to my seminary prof’s thoughts about the fizz in the physical - especially as I enjoy over four decades of marriage to my beloved.

But here is what I have learned: Physical attraction is the spark that gets your marriage engine started. But your covenant commitment is the gas that will keep the marriage engine running.

As God designed marriage to be.


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