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Davidisms: God Is Either in First Place or No Place in Your Life

Something or someone has the most important place in your life. Sits on the throne of your heart. Rules you from within.

Here is the key question for all of us today: Does that place belong to Jesus?

Jesus said that we can’t love father or mother, nor son or daughter, more than him (Matthew 10:37). He must be our life’s primary passion. He said that we are to seek the kingdom of God first and foremost in this life (Matthew 6:33). And, of course, the King of that kingdom is named Jesus. Then, he will supply all our other needs.

God will not share his glory in our lives with anything or anyone else (Isaiah 42:8). He will not compete with another affection of our hearts. Second place means no place for him.

God is either in first place or no place in your life.

Is this the case with you? Today?


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