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Davidisms - Great Dreams Are Accomplished by Great Teams

Great dreams are accomplished by great teams.

Do you have a dream for your work as a leader? Then reread what I just wrote.

You can’t succeed alone. Dreams are never achieved in intentional solitude. They simply can’t happen without a team.

What sets a great leader apart from a good leader? Capitalizing on the intrinsic value of teamwork. Great leaders realize, “No man is an island.” And they apply that wisdom when they assemble a great team.

Here’s my point. Surround yourself with good people. Work together and love one another. Great teams are a breeding ground for respect, unity and loyalty. They don’t care about personal glory.

Success happens when no one cares who gets the credit!

Scripture promotes teamwork: “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor” (Eccles. 4:9).

Pursue your dream! But first, create a team.

For great dreams are accomplished by great teams.

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