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Davidisms - How God Answers Prayers

Davidisms - How God Answers Prayers Did you know that God answers our prayers? Every single one of them. He does so in one of three ways. The first is with a “Yes.” Don’t we love it when our prayers are answered immediately? In just the way we asked God to answer. But sometimes God says, “Wait.” While we may not like it at first, it’s in the waiting that God is building our faith and trust (Psalm 37:7). He also wants us to remember that he’s not a kind of celestial genie in a bottle. Here to fulfill our every wish and desire. And sometimes God says, “I have a better plan.” This is not a “No,” as some suppose. But the promise that he has a good plan no matter what may be going on in our lives. One that is filled with a future and a hope (Prov. 23:18). Pray fervently. And trust God with his answers. He is good no matter how he answers. Whether it’s “Yes.” “No.” Or, “Trust me. I have a better plan.”

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