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Davidisms - Humility

Humility. Think about God’s Son, the holy Prince of Peace, born in a manure-stenched, straw-filled stable. A shelter built for animals became the birthing room for the Savior of the world. The king of the universe’s shelter was not a palace for a prince, but a shelter for sheep. His bed was not a cozy crib, but a watering trough. His first garment was not of soft silk, but of rags made from strips of cloths. If it was up to me, I’d have had Jesus born in a Roman palace. Among the power brokers of the day. With a lavish celebration announcing his royal birth. With royal garb caressing his body. But God did it quite differently, didn’t he? In his sovereignty, God oversaw a pauper’s birth. Maybe, just maybe, God wanted to teach us - through our Savior’s birth - the true essence of humility. That our surroundings don’t determine our success. That the adoring love of parents is the formula for raising great kids. Perhaps God knows that the major ingredient for a successful life is humility. From our first breath to our last second on this earth.

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