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Davidisms - It Came to Pass

Here’s another one from my dad. He said this to me over and over again when I was going through some difficult times.

Dad often joked that his favorite verse in the Bible was, “It came to pass.” These words - specific to the King James Version - appear over 120 times throughout Scripture.

Dad was trying to teach me that whatever I was going through in a certain situation or season would, eventually, end. Pass. Go away. Because nothing in life lasts forever. Neither happiness nor pain.

When you need comfort during hard times, say to yourself, “It came to pass.” Memorize the words and repeat them again and again.

Then keep moving forward. Trusting. Believing that God can use everything - including evil - for your good and his glory (Gen. 50:20).

Don’t give up. Keep pressing on. Trusting in the Lord with all your heart no matter what you’re walking through.


Because God promised us in his Word: “It came to pass.”

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