• David Chadwick

Davidisms: It's Easy to Leave Your Spouse. It's Impossible to Leave Your Best Friend.

It’s easy to leave your spouse. It’s impossible to leave your best friend.

Who is your BFF, your Best Friend Forever?

If you’re married, your BFF should be your spouse.

Think back to when you were dating and couldn’t wait to be together as a couple. Bring that eagerness back to your marriage. Commit to a weekly date night. Mark it on your calendar. Don’t let anything interrupt it.

Pray together. Worship together. God is Spirit - and when you develop the spiritual side of your relationship, you not only become one flesh (Genesis 2:24), but Jesus said no flesh and blood person can ever separate you (Matthew 19:10). Studies from secular universities show that couples who simply pray together bring the divorce rate down to one out of over 1,000.

But mostly, become each other’s best friend. Spend time together. Ask this important question to one another, “How is your heart?” Listen to the other’s feelings. Share your deepest thoughts and longings.

Grow so close that you actually start to become one person. BFFs.

For it’s easy to leave your spouse. It’s impossible to leave your best friend.

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