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Davidisms - Keep an Open Mind, but Don't Let Your Brains Fall Out

My dad often said this to me: Keep an open mind, but don’t let your brains fall out.

What was he trying to teach me?

Dad knew that society needs to grow. Adjust. Learn. Being open minded can be healthy and good.

But he also knew that having too much of an open-mind could slacken an essential conservative core. And eternal values - those which safely anchor both individuals and the society in which they live.

Dad knew that being too open minded could be the equivalent of letting your brains fall out - loosening the moral anchors that keep a society just and safe.

And no culture or society has ever been able to survive after having done that.

Here’s the point: Keep an open mind about new ideas. Ponder. Explore. Progress. But do not forget the immutable, eternal values found in God’s Word. Those which are always true (John 17:17).

When you do this, you will find balance.

And you’ll keep an open mind without letting your brains fall out.

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