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Davidisms: Life Goes On

Three important words I’ve learned to live by: Life goes on.

Think of your life as a river. It keeps going. Moving on and on and on. What happens if you throw a huge rock into it? First, there’s a splash. Then ripples. And then nothing. The river continues to flow and move on.

You may have had some tough and big rocks thrown into your life’s river. Most all of us have. Those rocks likely caused a huge splash and many ripples that lasted for a while. But then, the river calmed and life moved on.

Learn to flow with the river. Learn what you can from life’s rocks. Learn valuable lessons. Then move on.

My dad used to laughingly say that his favorite verse in the Bible was, “And it came to pass” (Genesis 4:3,8; 6:1, and many more). It’s repeated over and over again throughout Scripture.

Dad was right. Bad times pass.

And life goes on!

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