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  • David Chadwick

Davidisms - Listen to All Sides

Are you a learner? Then become a listener. To all different sides. Truth is most often discerned in the sharing of ideas in the free marketplace of ideas. That’s why freedom of speech is so important. A guaranteed civil right given to all American citizens. Even if it’s wrong speech, it should be allowed to be expressed. That’s because, over time, bad speech is proven wrong and good speech is shown to be true. As Solomon in all his wisdom said: One side seems to be right until you hear the other one (Prov. 18:19). A truly healthy society must do two things. One, promote freedom of speech. And two, protect it. But what’s happening in America right now is nearly the opposite. We’re living in times where big tech oligarchies are silencing conservative voices. Not listening, but silencing them. Having only one opinion expressed. It’s a frightening sign of a weakening country. Because when citizens are silenced, groupthink begins. Groupthink begets lazy thinking, paving the way for societal deterioration. Listen to all sides. It’s essential for a healthy society. And do not allow another’s view to be silenced.

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