• David Chadwick

Davidisms: Love Their Mother

It was the night before I was going to marry Marilynn, now over 40 years ago. My dad was going to perform the wedding service the next day.

Dad was a great dad. Present and involved in my life. A role model in so many ways. I admired and loved him very much. I look forward to seeing him in heaven again one day.

I had hoped that Marilynn and I would one day have children. So, on the eve of my wedding day, I went to dad to ask him for the best advice he could give me if the Lord would one day give us children.

Dad didn’t hesitate. Immediately, he responded, “My best advice for you on how to be a good dad to your kids? That’s easy. Love their mother.”

It’s a consistent biblical message. Paul adjured husbands to love their wives as Jesus loved the church (Ephesians 5:25). How great was that love? Jesus was willing to die sacrificially to give the church life, as Christian husbands should for their wives as well.

Eventually, God did give Marilynn and me three children. One girl and two boys. How much I love all three!

But I especially love their mother who has meant more to me than words can ever express.

Thanks dad, for your wise words.

I remember them well, especially this Father’s Day.

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