• David Chadwick

Davidisms: Once You Think You Have It, You Don't

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you” (James 4:10).

Humility is elusive; once you think you have it, you don’t.

Consider this illustration: A man was awarded a pin by his coworkers for his humility. He was so honored by this recognition that he decided to wear it on his jacket. First for a few days, that eventually turned into weeks.

Guess what? He was no longer humble!

Authentic humility isn’t thinking less of yourself. It’s thinking of yourself less. It’s achieved when our minds and lives become preoccupied with Jesus. His ways. His wants.

Choose humility. It is a choice. When you do so, the Lord will lift you up.

And be careful if you think you have it.

You probably don’t.

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