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Davidisms - Only One Letter Separates Danger and Anger

Only one letter separates anger from danger: the letter “d.” What happens when we don’t control our anger? Danger. Problems. Difficulties. Pain. Whether it’s saying or doing something we later regret, we can cause harm to another person. Here’s an example. Think about the times you say: I lost my temper. Friends, we don’t lose our temper. Rather, we choose to allow our temper to rage out of control. And this reckless anger always has danger lurking nearby (Proverbs 14:16). Think about this: You’re in a situation where you’re experiencing intense anger. Your phone buzzes or rings and you answer. You hear the voice of someone you care about or love. Someone you really want to talk to. In a moment, your anger subsides and you move to a new disposition of love, calm and kindness with your answer and ensuing words. But also remember: There is a time for righteous anger. We should feel anger towards things that God hates. Jesus showed his righteous anger when he overturned the tables in the temple (John 2:15-16). Just be careful about unabated anger toward someone. That’s where danger resides. Next time you sense your temper flaring, pause and remember: Only one letter separates anger from danger.

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