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Davidisms: Only Time in God's Presence Heals Our Wounds

Are you hurting? Broken? Recovering from harm inflicted by another person?

Only time in God’s presence heals our wounds.

Healing is something we wish would happen instantaneously. In a moment. A week. A month. A year. But that’s not how healing happens - it takes time. Time during which you experience God’s love, grace, mercy, kindness and compassion.

It’s the time we spend in the open arms of our loving, comforting Father - in his very presence - that he heals our hurting hearts. Our broken places. Our bleeding wounds.

In Psalm 51, Nathan the prophet confronts King David about his adultery, murder and attempted cover-up - almost a year after David committed those sins.

It was then that something finally broke in David. He realized the enormity of his sins. Finally, he ran straight into his Father’s arms.

It was there - in the very presence of the Lord - that David experienced God’s healing grace and forgiveness. There and there alone is where healing happened.

Do you know that the same grace that healed King David is available to you? It is.

Run to God today. With all your sins, wounds, and brokenness.

Only time in God’s presence heals our wounds.

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